Property inventories are an essential part of any tenancy for both the landlord and tenant. Many landlords and letting agents are aware of the benefits of a prime and thorough inventory, however many tenants do not appreciate how valuable they can be, and how an inventory can protect them.


A tenant should always insist that a property inventory is supplied prior to the tenancy commencing, in order to avoid any accusations of damage or neglect that they may not be responsible for in the future.


From a landlords perspective an inventory illustrates a professional and healthy relationship between the landlord and tenant from the beginning. In contrast to above, the inventory demonstrates any damage to the property that the tenant has caused.


It is important to ensure that an honest and professional clerk completes the inventory, in order to ensure that it is a completely non-biased examination of the property. 

What is a property inventory? 

The inventory report is an extensive document that details the condition and any contents of each room in the property, and photographs are supplied to support this. An important feature of an inventory is set precise expectations and raises any discrepancies to both landlord and tenant at the start of the contract.


At the end of tenancy an additional report called the Check Out is completed, and this report is cross-referenced with the inventory to reveal any changes that may have happened to the property. Any discrepancies raised on the check out, would be assigned as either a landlords or tenants responsibility. In order to release a tenant’s deposit quickly, a clear and decisive check out is paramount. If a dispute arises at the end of the tenancy regarding any cleaning or detriment, then these reports are vital in the deposit release process.


In regards to detriment to the property, a tenant would only be accountable for actual damage rather than fair wear and tear. Therefore it is important the inventory clerk is aware of factors such as age, condition and quality of items in order to evaluate. For example, if there is a dispute over worn carpet, it is important to consider how long the carpet has been fitted, the quality of the carpet and also is it worn due to high volume of foot traffic, prior to any deductions from a deposit.


Ultimately the inventory is provided to protect both parties and safeguard the deposit for the future.


Why we are different to other Inventory companies.

·       Years of experience in the industry

·       Photographs provided to illustrate conditions

·       Clear meter reading photographs

·       Smoke alarm and Carbon Monoxide detector testing. If alarms do not work we can provide replacements           on site

·       Cleaning quoted at time of check out if required

·       Quotes provided for maintenance raised during reports

·       Reports delivered within 24 hours

·       Experienced with deposit releases

·       Previous Property Management background

·       Flexible out of hours service